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FCC-TV’s operations are guided by a 5 member volunteer board of directors which determines public access policies and manages the FCC-TV budget. The FCC-TV Board meets at 7:30pm the first Wednesday of each month at the FCC-TV Studio to discuss and take action on issues concerning the operation of public access television services. Meetings are open to the public for observation.

Since its creation nearly twenty years ago the main objective of the FCC-TV is to provide the community with video production facilities and training to create and air original public access programs. This objective is reached through a unique tripartite agreement with the City of Falls Church’s government and the public schools to provide a television studio, video production equipment, video production workshops, station staff, and station allocations on Cox Cable, channel 12 and Starpower/RCN, channel 2, to air programming.

FCC-TV receives funding through franchise fees received from Cox Cable as designated in the franchise agreement between The City of Falls Church and Cox Cable. In addition, funds are raised through membership fees, workshop tuitions, and tax-deductible donations. The majority of FCC-TV’s budget is used to purchase and maintain station equipment and provide insurance for FCC-TV operations.

FCC-TV Board member terms are 3 years. The 5 member volunteer FCC-TV Board of Directors comprises:

  • Two members appointed by the Falls Church City Council
  • One member appointed by the Falls Church City School Board
  • Two members elected by the FCC-TV membership at the FCC-TV Annual Meeting

Additional nonvoting members of the FCC-TV Board include:

  • A City Council liaison
  • A School Board liaison
  • The Director of Community Education
  • The Communications Coordinator
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